12 Aug 2011

Commission (eng)

Wether it's a gift, or just a personal desire, I can offer you my services as an artist. A pin-up, a tattoo, an illustration, ...? I'm all ears.

Commissions are made by writing to this address: leonie.boullard[at]gmail.com. Don't forget to include "commission" in the subject!

Here is different types of commissions, to give you an idea of prices and format. If what you'd like is not in this list, no problem: just send me an email telling what you'd like, and I'll see with you if it's possible.

NOTE: The prices listed are a MINIMUM, and only an indication. International payment will be made using Paypal.

//Fashion Drawing, *112$

//Hot and Tattooed Pin-up, *112$

//Tattoo design (A4, colour included), *90$-134$

Be careful, for these commissions are made for non-commercial use only. I will give you a HD file that you'll be able to print for yourselves, but you can't sell posters or any sort of goodies.

And, I can refuse any commission that does not respect my moral thoughts. I will NOT do diffamatory, racism, etc...


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